how much does magnetic separators run weigh per cubic yard

Magnetic Equipment Guide -- Eddy Current Separators ...

A typical eddy current separator will handle between 1 to 20 tons per hour per foot TPH/F of width; PET is 3/4 TPH/F, commingled MRF residue is 1 to 2 TPH/F, and glass cullet is 5 to 8 TPH/F. Product size, density or pounds per cubic foot, size and percentage of metals, and recovery required all affect eddy current separator capacity.

The Large, The Small, The Clean And The Dirty: Equipping MRFs ...

Because the material entering a clean MRF typically weighs 50 to 100 pounds per cubic yard and the material entering a dirty MRF weighs about 350 pounds per cubic yard, MRF designs vary significantly.

7 Cost-Drivers of a Dredging Project

Mobilization is usually broken out as a fixed cost because whether you are dredging 10,000 cubic yards or 200,000 cubic yards you will most likely use the same equipment. If you spread it across your unit dredge rate, it will inflate the numbers on smaller projects.

Weights of Various Metals in Pounds Per *Cubic Foot Weights ...

Weights of Other Materials in Pounds Per *Cubic Foot Earth, Common Loam 75.00-90.00 Earth, Dry/Loose 76.00 Earth, Dry/Packed 95.00 Earth, Mud/Packed 115.00 Elm, White 45.00 Fats 58.00 Fir, Douglas 30.00 Fir, Eastern 25.00 Flour, Loose 28.00 Flour, Pressed 47.00 Gasoline 42.00 Glass, CommonWindow 156.00 Granite 170.00 Graphite 131.00 Gravel,Dry ...

Sewage, sludge volume to weight conversion

1 cubic foot of Sewage, sludge weighs 45.01056 pounds lbs Sewage, sludge weighs 0.721 gram per cubic centimeter or 721 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. density of sewage, sludge is equal to 721 kg/m³. In Imperial or US customary measurement system, the density is equal to 45 pound per cubic foot lb/ft³ , or 0.417 ounce per cubic inch oz ...

Rebar Material Calculator - Inch Calculator

Use our rebar weight and size calculator to find the total length of rebar needed for your project and estimate the total weight for purchasing. We recommend ordering 10% additional material to account for overlaps, cutoffs, and waste to prevent a shortage when installing.

Soapstone Technical Data – Calculated

This automatic soapstone weight versus volume conversion calculator lets you instantly convert measurements of soapstone between mass kilograms g, ounces oz, pounds lb., kin, jīn, cubic volume in centimeters cm3, inches in3, feet ft3, yards yd3, meters m3, kin per cubic shaku Japan shaku^3 , jīn per cubic chǐ China chǐ^3 , Metric, US, Asian units from/to amounts into scale needed.

Steel Weight Calculator - Stainless, Aluminum, Nickel ...

Metal, shape, weight, size, and number of pieces. Steel Weight Calculator - Stainless, Aluminum, Nickel, Titanium and More TW Metals JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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