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Amazing Modern Suspension Bridge Construction Technology. - Incredible Construction Equipment Machines Modern Technology The Osman Gazi suspension bridge is ...

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Construction equipment at work on a road or other public works project deployed with a Tier 4 final engine can also contribute to NOx emissions reduction for a region or locality. The clean diesel platform is the foundation for hybrid powertrains being incorporated into some excavators, bulldozers and wheel loaders and other off-road machinery.

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For over 100 years Cummins has provided durable and reliable power solutions to construction and industrial equipment across the globe. We offer a wide range of diesel engines for construction and industrial machinery, with power ratings from 37 kW 49 hp to 895 kW 1200 hp and displacements from 2.8 to 30 litres.

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Gasoline engine, any of a class of internal-combustion engines that generate power by burning a volatile liquid fuel gasoline or a gasoline mixture such as ethanol with ignition initiated by an electric spark. Gasoline engines can be built to meet the requirements of practically any conceivable

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Go Ahead, Get Started. You want an engine that starts easily, lasts long and always does the job. Tough. Reliable. Innovative – and easy to maintain, like the fierce lawnmower engines we built our reputation on.


vehicle or non-road engine used solely for competition; including, but not limited to, facilities that dispense gasoline into on- and off-road, street, or highway motor vehicles, lawn equipment, boats, test engines, landscaping equipment, generators, pumps, and other gasoline-fueled engines and equipment.

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Before using biodiesel fuel in your engine, confirm that the engine is "rated for biodiesel use,"which means that the materials are all compatible with biodiesel fuel. Otherwise, you will need to lo e all materials in the engine i.e., seals and hoses that can be degraded by biodiesel and replace them with biodiesel-rated components.

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