chromite ore deposit in ethiopia

Geology and mineral potential of Ethiopia: a note on geology ...

Major metallic ore deposits of Ethiopia consist of precious metals Au, Pt , rare metals Ta and to a lesser extent Ni and Fe; some deposits are currently mined for Au and Ta e.g. Lega Dembi, Kenticha or are at an advanced stage of investigation e.g. Bikilal project, Fe ; to date, base metals Zn, Pb, Cu and alloy metals Cr, Mo, Mn are ...

Chromite deposits of the Tiebaghi ultramafic massif, New ...

Chromite deposits of the Tiebaghi ultramafic massif, New Caledonia Jacques Moutte

Ethiopia, the land of Oppurtunity for Mining and Petroleum ...

Adola in southern Ethiopia is the most exciting region for tantalum. It is known to host a long and linear belt of this rare metal occurrence of tantalum and niobium in its Kenticha Belt, which extends for over 100 kilometres and covers an area of more than 250 kilometres. Three types of ore have been identified in the deposit:

Geological and Geophysical Studies of Chromite Deposits in ...

deposits in South Africa and Rhodesia and from podiform de­ posits in alpine peridotites in the Soviet Union. The Stillwater Complex, a stratiform complex in Montana, contains substan­ tial tonnages of chromite, but the ore has a low Cr2 03 content and is high in iron; if the United States& 39; industry were to be­


Kore iron deposits and mineralization Keta and Abetselo Base metals Mineraliz. Fakusho Molybdenum mineraliz. Placer Gold deposits Southern Belt:- Adola and Moyale Lege –Dembi, Sakaro, Moyale, Dawa, OkotePrimary Gold deposits and occur. Adola Nickel Kenticha Tanatalum Placer gold deposits Chromite mineralization Northern Belt:-

Podiform Chromite Deposits—Database and Grade and Tonnage Models

chromite deposits are found in dunite or peridotite near the contact of the cumulate and tectonite zones in ophiolites. We have identified 1,124 individual podiform chromite deposits, based on a 100-meter spatial rule, and have compiled them in a database. Of these, 619 deposits have been used to create three

23 Minerals in Ethiopia with Details Gold, Gemstones, etc ...

Ethiopia is indeed the land of plenty, with resources found in abundance throughout its huge and diverse land mass. Geological surveys conducted on minerals in Ethiopia, have shown formations that are believed to contain a vast amount of mineral resources, with proven deposits of industrial minerals, coal, precious metals and metals.

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Magmatic Ore Deposits: A number of processes that occur during cooling and crystallization of magmatic bodies can lead to the separation and concentration of minerals. 1-Pegmatites 2-Layered intrusions 3-Kimberlites Examples of Magmatic ore deposits: 1-Chromite deposits 2-Nickel ŒCopper deposits 3-Platinum group metal PGM deposits

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