how much are purple stones in indonesia

12oz RARE Blue Purple Fossil Coral - Indonesia Stone Rough ...

Hello, you are looking at a LOT of RARE Purple / Blue Toned Fossilized Coral from Indonesia - Stone Rough for Lapidary Cabbing Mosaic Tumbling etc Ruler is to show sizing. The pieces you see in the photos are the exact ones you will receive

Buy Purple Sapphire Stone Online, Purple Sapphire Price Per ...

Purple Sapphire Value. Purple Sapphire price per carat largely depends on the color, size, origin, shape and clarity. In addition, being astrologically important, Khooni Neelam price in India or outside trend in a wide range of Rs 5,000 per carat to Rs 2 lakh per carat and above.

West Java Purple Chalcedony - Welcome to

Photo 4 - Ton of AAA Grade Purple Chalcedony . The color varies from rich dark purple to gentle lavender and violet. This is the result of a complex relationship between ferric iron or other transition metal content possibly aluminum and manganese and a play of light absorption on the atomic bonds within the stone.

26 Types of Purple Gemstones in Jewelry

Purple gemstones are a rich, magnificent choice of stones for jewelry. A combination of red and blue, violet straddles the spectrum, being warm and cool at the same time. Purple gems glow with a slightly more prevalent red, and make a cool, yet much more attractive choice of gemstones.

Petrified Wood Indonesia Wholesale and Manufacture

Petrified Wood Indonesia By CV. KARYA BERSAMA a local private company, lo ed in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Established since 1983. Already experienced much in stone management, learns to respect stones as part of human's life and the heritage of the earth.

Purple Diamond Buying Guide from The Diamond Pro

Purple stones with a modifying color like pink are less expensive than a “pure” purple. For example, this 0.42 Carat Fancy Pink Purple Diamond Round Cut is priced at $15,210 and this 0.40 Carat Fancy Deep Pinkish Purple Cushion Cut is priced at $38,100.

26 Types of Purple Gemstones in Jewelry - Page 2 of

2Purple Jade. While most popular in green, jade also occurs as purple stones. The violet stones come from the variety of jade called jadeite the other, chemically unrelated variety being nephrite . This purple stone is rather rare, though still less valuable than the commonly occurring green jadeite. In astrology, jade is a birthstone for Virgo.

Indonesia - Plant and animal life Britannica

Indonesia - Indonesia - Plant and animal life: Indonesia's vegetation is similar to that of the Philippines, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. There are some 40,000 species of flowering plants, including 5,000 species of orchids, as well as the monster flower Rafflesia arnoldii see Rafflesiaceae , which is the world's largest flower.

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