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Properties of Basalt Physical Thermal

Rocks are rated on the on the Moh& 39;s Hardness Scale which rates the rocks on the scale from 1 to 10. Rocks with hardness 1-3 are soft rocks from 3-6 are medium hardness rocks and 6-10 are hard rocks. The hardness of Basalt is 6 whereas its compressive strength is 37.40 N/mm 2. Streak is the color of rock when it is crushed or powdered. The ...

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The rock hardness of basalt is 6 on the Mohs scale, and can be seen through a combination of its compressive strength: 100-300 Mpa Megapascal , its tensile strength: 10-30 Mpa, and its shear strength: 20-60 Mpa, which denotes that depending on the mineral makeup, basalt rocks fall in the strong – very strong egory.

Chapter 4 Engineering Classifi ion of Rock Materials

metamorphic rocks Table 4–3 Hardness and unconfined compressive strength of rock 4–5 materials Table 4–4 Dry density unit weight 4–6

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Basalt is the most common volcanic rock. It contains the minerals plagioclase and augite. It can come in black or dark gray and has a hardness of 6-7 on the MOHS scale.

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Basalt is a common extrusive igneous rock formed by the rapid cooling of basaltic lava exposed at or very near the surface of Earth. Basalt is available in black, brown, light to dark grey colors. The streak of a rock is the color of powder produced when it is dragged across an unweathered surface.


purpose of rock mass classifi ion, the use of the well -known point load strength index can be useful as the index can be determined in the field on rock core retrieved from borings and the core does not require any specimen preparation. Knowing the rock type and rock material hardness, it is possible for the experienced engineer or

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Basalt is usually much finer grained than granite so it would be virtually impossible to determine the hardness of the individual mineral crystals. On Moh& 39;s hardness scale, the hardness of these rock-forming minerals are as follows: Quartz 7. Feldspar 6 depending on the species of feldspar Biotite 2.5-3. Pyroxene 5-6 depending on the species ...

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Rock PSI Rock Formation Approximate MOH’s Hardness* Soft Rock Talc 1 0-6k psi Shale Less than 3 Clay 0.7 – 2.8 Mudstone 1.5 – 2.8 Gypsum 2 Medium Rock Calcite 3 7k-12k psi Limestone 2.2 – 3.3 Marble 2.4 – 3.2 Slate 4 – 5 Fluorite 4 Apatite 5 Sandstone 3 – 6 Medium Hard …

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