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ThorTurf - Bringing Science to the Surface

ThorTurf is the ideal dust free and low maintenance footing for any riding arena such as a lesson arena, show arena or training for any discipline. Created to provide cleaner and allergy free horse barns and arenas, ThorTurf provides both health benefits and safety for both horse and rider.

Choosing Horse Arena Sand Depth Performance Footing

Dust free: The amount of dust that horses kick up is influenced by both the material of the footing and the amount of moisture in the footing. The ideal is a dust free arena, which will require additive materials and consistent watering. Cushioning: Most of the cushioning stems from the subsurface and top dressing. The amount of cushioning that ...

Footing First FootingFirst

Dust Free Surfaces Our dust-free footing comes in multiple blends, and consists of a specialized sand that is precisely blended with a select paraffin. All of our dust free surfaces are functional, high-quality footing options that can be used in both indoor and outdoor arenas.

Pinnacle Surfaces Equestrian Arena Footing Indoor Riding ...

Attwood Equestrian Surfaces has been at the forefront of footing development since 1991. Attwood Equestrian Surfaces is the original manufacturer of -coated, dust-free footing in the USA including Pinnacle, Ameritrack, and GGT Footing. Our footings are engineered from meticulously selected sand, blended with micro poly-fibers and coated ...

TruStride Horse Arena footing - IGK Equestrian

TruStride is our premier dust-free horse arena footing offered since 2003 which continues to benefit horses and riders alike as the best arena surfaces in the world for competing and training. TruStride proprietary formula is trusted and enjoyed by over 500 farms, facilities and universities.


ArenaKleen is the only horse arena dust control product that eliminates the health hazards of dust as it improves the consistency, cushioning, traction and support or the arena footing material. With ArenaKleen dust suppressant, horses, riders and trainers can work safely and comfortably in the arena, stables or anywhere dust is a problem.

How Our Arena Dust Control Works WHOA Dust

Once charged the dust will be pulled down and no longer suspended in the air. Moisture will be retained to an optimal state and will reduce your need to water your arena by a minimum of 50% Reported customer average is 75% . In addition, by charging the dust the surface suspension of your footing will be optimized for safety and ...

Control Horse Arena Dust and Dirt - Expert advice on horse ...

Imagine inhaling all the dust and debris from your horse arena as you and your horse work hard in the horse arena. On average, a resting horse inhales 150 liters of air per minute. Add in strenuous exercise and your horse could realistically suck in 10 times that volume of arena dust.

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