carbon black used in asphalt and concrete

Carbon Black Reinforcement of Asphalts in Paving Mixtures

This concept of reinforcing asphalts with a carbon black filler has been made practical by pelletizing the carbon black with a high-durability maltenes binder compatible with asphalts. The pellets are packaged in 11.34-kg 25 lb polyethylene bags which are introduced, bag and all, into hot-mix cycle of asphalt concrete batch-type plants.


To demonstrate the usefulness of carbon black in asphalt pavements, it was necessary to develop pelleted carbon black products dispersive in asphalts by shearing forces prevailing in normal hot plant operations. Supplemental Notes: Proceedings Association Asphalt Paving Technology, Technical Session, San Antonio, Texas, February 21-23, 1977.

Carbon Black Additive in Asphalt - SR-290, spokane Vic, Flora ...

Title: Carbon Black Additive in Asphalt - SR-290, spokane Vic, Flora Road to Idaho State Line Author: John Livingston Subject: Asphalt concrete, Carbon black, Experimental roads, Laboratory tests, Overlays \ Pavements\ , Pavement performance, Temperature, Time duration, Viscosity

A Study on use of Carbon Black Powder in Bituminous Road ...

concluded that the use of carbon black in that research project was identified to have the potential to becoming a modifier in HMA mixes due to elastic behavior and in reducing the rutting potential. This study presents the viability of carbon black as an additive in bitumen as binder and hot mix asphalt concrete with different ratios

Effect of carbon black on the dynamic moduli of asphalt ...

Modulus is one of the main parameters during the design of asphalt pavement structure, the newest specifi ions of China gives the dynamic moduli ranges of commonly used asphalt mixtures with base asphalt BA or styrene-butadiene-styrene modified asphalt SBS MA , while the moduli ranges of mixtures with carbon black modified asphalt CB MA are not recommended.

Induction heating and healing of carbon black modified ...

Therefore, to investigate the mechanical, heating and healing characteristics of the modified asphalt concrete, 10% wt of binder carbon black CB10 was implemented. Furthermore, considering optimum binder content resulting in 4% air void of the mixture design and given the results in Fig. 4, 5.0% asphalt binder was used.

The Effect of Added Carbon Black to Concrete Mix on Corrosion ...

Masadeh, S. 2015 The Effect of Added Carbon Black to Concrete Mix on Corrosion of Steel in Concrete. Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, 3, 271-276. doi: 10.4236/jmmce.2015.34029.

Assessment of carbon black modified binder in a sustainable ...

Carbon black has been used as a modifier in conventional binders together with a relatively low percentage of SBS . In addition, an Evotherm additive has been combined by the wet way with the aim of decreasing the manufacturing temperature of the asphalt mixtures.

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