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Toothed drive belt for Emco V10 and V10 Mentor lathe. The belt should be 19 to 20 mm 3/4" wide and possibly marked 200XL x 75, iIf so, this belt is correct. However, some late versions of the V10 appear to have been fitted with the 25 mm wide 1" belt from the V10P. If your belt is missing, just measure the width of the toothed pulley.

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Flat Drive Belting. We are the UK stockist and distributor of Shingle Belting, USA and offer the full range of their transmission belting products with the popular styles available from Driffield stock with in house joining available within 24 hours. Although our majority stock-holding is that of Shingle there are some instances where we would purchase from other major manufacturers and we can offer from Habasit, Chiorino, Forbo Siegling etc. if required, or alternatively, if we think their ...

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We have provided flat belts for robotics to swing seats. LEATHER. We carry light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy leather in friction one side single , or friction both sides double . Light leather: Applicable for minimum pulley diameters of 1.5” to 6.0” in thicknesses of 1/8” and 1/4”. Medium leather: Applicable for minimum pulley diameters of 3.0” to 8.0” in thicknesses of 5/32” and 5/16”.

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It means the length of the belt cut, laid flat on a table and measured from one end to the other, but don& 39;t just measure the old belt - it will probably have stretched. To measure a flat belt, run a dress-maker& 39;s tape or a long strip of paper around the pulleys. If two people measure independently, mistakes are less likely .

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Flat Belting Balata flat belting for all forms of agricultural machinery and stationary engines with flat belt pulleys and drive systems. 3 Ply Belting 4.5mm Thick

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Taper Lock Bush. Taper Lock Bush; Timing Belt Pulley. Metric Timing Belt Pulley T2.5, T5, T10 and AT5, AT10 T2.5 Timing Belt Pulley; T5 Timing Belt Pulley

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High-Speed Extended-Life Leather Flat Belting A nylon core allows this belting to handle higher speeds than other leather flat belting. It resists permanent stretch and has excellent resistance to oil, which gives it a long service life. To join ends, use alligator belt lacing.

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