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Low-intensity separators are used to treat ferromagnetic materials and some highly paramagnetic minerals. Minerals with ferromagnetic properties have high susceptibility at low applied field strengths and can therefore be concentrated in low intensity < 0.3T magnetic separators. For low-intensity drum separators used in the iron ore industry, the standard field, for a separator with ferrite ...

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Meanwhile, the non-magnetic and weakly magnetic minerals are discharged on the tailing outlet tank. Appli ion o. It is used to separate high magnetic minerals with size between 6 and 0 mm on the stage of roughing and cleaner process. Advantage. High capacity and high concentrate grade. Principle diagram for concurrent type magnetic separator

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The capacity and type of tramp iron to be removed will determine the size selection of a drum separator. They are available in both permanent and electro magnetic types. Wet Type Magnetic Separators. Wet drum magnetic separators have been applied in several types of service including: Media recovery in HMS plants; Magnetite ore concentration

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The wet drum separator NTS is used to remove very fine magnetisable components from low concentration, low-viscosity liquids. The NTS is intended for use in the metal processing industry and for the treatment of preconcentrates extracted from the STEINERT high gradient magnetic filter HGF.

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Over Band Magnetic Separator. Over Band Magnetic Separator Sonal Magnetics is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of overband magnetic separators. Making use of good quality ceramic or rare earth magnets, we produce these magnets which are designed to trap and hold the tramp metal from the product carried by the conveyor.

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There are total five types of separators RE designed to operate at a predetermined working gap over the conveyor: The speed of the belt , the nature of the product, its density, its granulometry and the size of the pieces which have to be extracted are on of the parameters to be taken into consideration when choosing the type of Overband.

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The equipment magnetic separators type holds the largest share, owing to increasing demand from industries like recycling, mining, paper, and ceramics. Overband separators remove high volume of iron particles from materials, resulting in higher demand from recycling and mining industries.

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High magnetic separation efficiency in removal of fine iron and small tramp iron from shallow flows of slow moving, non-sticky materials. High gradient, concentrated, effective magnetic field within 1/2" 13 mm of magnet face. Special units available for appli ions at temperatures over 200 F 93 C . For Automation:

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The manufactured Wet drum magnetic separators are used in magnetic media recovery, purifi ion of solids carried in liquid suspension and in iron ore concentration. This is probably the most commonly used type of wet drum magnetic separator used in heavy media plants today.

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SAIDEEP Drum Type Magnetic Separators are used for Automatic

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Wet Magnetic separator is the highest efficiency for strong

Magnetic separators for free flowing send and iron

Wet Drum Type Magnetic Separator Magnetic separators for send and iron ferrous non ferrous materials Separator cleans coolants in cast iron appli ions, Separator for free flowing materials, Roll magnetic separators

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Magnetic separators are a green solutions to remove ferrous tramp metals from materials of ore, food, pharmacy, chemistry, etc, Magnetic Tube Separator Max magnetic strength of D25mm tube can be up to 14000Gs Grate Magnetic Separator Magnetic Hopper separator Self Cleaning Grate Magnetic Separator Magnetic Drawer Separator



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Inline Magnetic Separators are available for installation in the Feed lines such as at the outlet of elevator, screw conveyor etc. Flanged type Inlet and outlet connections are provided. The Magnetic Drum incorporates High Intensity stroncium / Rare Earth

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Magnetic Coolant Separator We manufacture and supply superior quality coolant magnetic separators which are used to purify the coolant liquid of very fine ferrous particles. The separator is designed in such a way that it facilitates the removal of iron chips from the milling or grinding liquid.

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