apatite mineral method of extracting strontium

Biomimetic Synthesis of Strontium-Containing Apatite and Its ...

However, methods for the introduction of strontium into the crystal structure of bone apatite of humans have been insufficiently studied. Currently, there are two points of view on the mechanism of incorporation of strontium into the structure of the inorganic matrix of human bone tissue Oliveira et al. 2007 : 1.

Strontium - Occurrence, Extraction, Properties, and Appli ions

In 1790, Strontium Sr was discovered by Adair Crawford. However, only in 1808, the element was isolated through electrolysis by Davy. Occurrence. Strontium is normally found in the minerals strontianite SrCO 3 and celestite SrSO 4 . Extraction. Strontium can be derived through the electrolysis of fused chloride mixed with potassium chloride.

Biomimetic Synthesis of a Strontium-Substituted Apatite ...

The presence of Sr in solution induced an inhibitory effect on mineralization, leading to a decrease in the thickness of the mineral layers. This ion was incorporated in the apatite structure through a substitution mechanism by replacing Ca in the crystal lattice.


Other constituents, %: strontium, thorium, uranium, radium, lead-210, polonium-210, radon Mineralklasse : Phosphate Uses: as a source of phosphorus to be used in fertilizer , rarely as a gemstone and as a mineral specimen.

The incorporation of strontium and zinc into a calcium ...

The biological apatites bone are not pure HAp but contain ions including strontium Sr and zinc Zn that can substitute for the different ions present in the apatite structure. Sr, a new treatment for osteoporosis that has both antiresorptive and anabolic effects 7 , can be readily incorporated into the bone crystals; in fact 98% of the ...

Apatite enrichment by rare earth elements: A review of the ...

Froth flotation of apatite is one of the main methods of mining the mineral from host ores . Selecting the correct reagents is important in optimizing the process. As each deposit is composed of many different minerals, many studies have been conducted on apatite to identify the optimum conditions for separating from a specific mineral mix.

Synthetic Phase with the Structure of Apatite IntechOpen

The previous chapters were dedi ed to description of structure and properties of minerals from supergroup of apatite and introduction of method for identifi ion and investigation of properties of phosphate minerals. The first synthesis of apatite was performed by Daubrée by passing the PCl3 vapor over red-hot lime. The fourth chapter of this book introduces techniques for the preparation ...

Apatite: The mineral apatite information and pictures

Apatite is the most common phosphate mineral, and is the main source of the phosphorus required by plants. The bones and teeth of most animals, including humans, are composed of calcium phosphate, which is the same material as Apatite.

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